Commercial/Industrial Diesel Generator Sets

30KW – 2000KW

Diesel Generator Sets

Mardinly Industrial Power LLC (MIP) understands your need for power to keep your business and operations running smoothly. Loss of power means lost sales calls, lost communications, production stops and so does revenue! MIP is proud to represent the AKSA USA brand of power generation equipment offering diesel generators from 9 KW thru 2000 KW in a single unit configuration or paralleled together for larger output requirements. Indoor, outdoor or mobile built to your specifications.

  • EPA Certified  

  • UL2200 Listed          

  • ISO 9001 Certified 

  • NFPA 110 Compliant 

  • Emergency Standby Power Systems

  • Base Load/Prime Applications      

  • Tier 4 Compliant
  • UL Listed Sub-Base Tanks
  • Above Ground Fuel Tanks
  • Factory Tested at Shipment
  • Peak Shaving Systems
  • Cost Savings Solutions


AKSA USA is the 4th largest generator manufacturer in the world with 30 plus years of experience offering a highly engineered product at competitive prices while utilizing the highest quality components found in the market today! These units are powered by John Deere, Mitsubishi & Volvo engines coupled to Marathon & Stamford generators – it just doesn’t get any better than this! Plus you’ll never have a parts or service availability problem.

MIP offers professional analysis of your facility/business and will provide expert design for your power system to meet your need for what’s most important – reliable power at a competitive price!

MIP Offers All the Required Accessories: 

• Automatic Transfer Switches by ASCO & GE/Zenith
• Outdoor Sound Attenuated Weatherproof Enclosures
• Remote Monitoring Systems (Email, Text Alerts, etc.)
• Automatic Paralleling Switchgear
• UL Listed Sub-Base Fuel Storage Tanks
• Above Ground UL Listed Fuel Storage Tanks
• Onsite Startup & Training Services
• Load Bank Testing
• Yearly Generator Set Maintenance Agreements
• Service and Repair
• Expert Design & Turnkey/Installation Assistance

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